2019 Non Profit Application

For the purpose of this event, a non-profit organization is considered an organization that provides service to members for non-charge or serves in a community organization capacity. An example of approved non- profits would be: church organizations, girl/boy scouts, animal shelter groups, political organizations, etc. An example of organizations that would fall under our patron category would be any type of organization that provides business services such as medical care, insurance, or credit unions. If you would like additional information about becoming a patron, please visit our festival website.

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Rules and Regulations
I have read and understand the rules and regulations https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f6iGwhb2ZHAALEb6ztVnd-Z7Aw2aBqyHN6VFK757-QE/edit?usp=sharing to participate in the 2019 Midlothian Village Day Festival and Craft Fair *