Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What do I need to do to qualify?

Answer: Just be a high school girl in need of a prom dress!  We do not check income requirements; we use an honor system. If you are in high school and a prom dress is out of your budget, just show up during our shopping hours and we will be glad to outfit you!

Question: Can I shop for my daughter without her?

Answer: No your daughter must be in attendance.

Question: Are men / children allowed in the shop?

Answer: For the privacy of our girls, we do not allow men in the shop or children under 12; only one female guardian over 18 is permitted in the shop with the shopper.

Question: I am under 18; can I volunteer at the event?

Answer: but you can volunteer before and after! During the event we only allow those 18 and older (not in high school) to volunteer.  However we have many dates of set up as well as close out after that we need volunteers for! Please see “volunteers” for sign up!

Question: How can I shop early?

Answer: Volunteer!  Volunteers receive an early shopping pass to shop early and beat the lines!

Question:  Are there any other locations you do this at?

Answer:  Due to the volume of dresses, we only do this at one location.  We provide three shopping days to try and accommodate all!

Question:  Do I have to be from Chesterfield? Hanover, Richmond, etc?

Answer:  No! We accept all high school students from any public, private, home school, specialty school, etc from any location in the state or out!

Question: Where do you get the dresses?

Answer: Donations!  See our donations page about how you can donate Feb 1-28.  You can also drop off during the event as well.  All of our dresses are cleaned through Puritan cleaners so you do not have to clean in advance.  Please make sure they are free from stains and tears.  We also work with several businesses who donate.  If you are interested in donating as a business, please contact us. We are always in need of shoes, makeup, jewelry, accessories and of course dresses.

Question:  Who runs Cinderella Dreams?

Answer:  Cinderella Dreams is run by the Midlothian Junior Women’s Club, a 501C3 nonprofit organization that is part of the GFWC (General Federation of Womens Clubs)  Visit  If you are interested in joining our club let us know!  We would love to have you!  Just click on contact!